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I didn't want to blog about Austin until I could take a look through everybody else's pictures & pick the best ones for y'all to see! I hope it hasn't been so long that I've forgotten anything important! ;) This trip was in the making since last summer {or longer?} when Laura first told me about Le Garage Sale. It's a twice yearly boutique sale that is held in a convention center in Austin. We thought we'd spend the whole day there, not just at the sale but doing some fun "Austin-y" things. Laura asked her friend Michelle to come along, which I thought was super! {I liked her from the couple of times that the three of us had hung out, plus her British accent makes me smile!} Even if I didn't buy anything, a day trip with girlfriends sounded like a lot of fun! So Laura, Michelle, & I headed out bright & early one Saturday morning...

We all found some great deals on jewelry & clothes! I got these super cute tweed wedges for $10!

All three of us bought similar glass lanterns to remember our day. I'm using mine as a vase:

We met up with a sorority sister of Laura's, & she took this shot of Laura, Michelle, & me as were leaving the sale:

Le Garage Sale itself was great, but the entire day was super great! We went from the sale to lunch at The Magnolia Cafe, where we met up with another sorority sister {Amy Renee ~ same as me!} & a friend from church. We shared a couple rounds of their delicious queso before heading to Mount Bonnell. Amy came with us & mentioned having always wanted to go to Mayfield Park. It was on Laura's list as well, so we took a very slight detour that was SO worth it! It was gorgeous!

And there were loads of peacocks!!

It started to drizzle as we got out at Mount Bonnell, but it didn't deter us. We hiked up a little & were rewarded with beautiful views of the city!

We used the self-timer on Amy's camera to take a photo of all four of us:

Then we went to Mozart's Coffee, where I got a chocolate peanut butter frozen blended mocha! Yay for places that can make my favorite drink! :) We enjoyed the beautiful weather on the patio beside the river.

Laura took us to the downstairs balcony, but I made them stop for a few minutes to visit with a mastiff & his owners. I thought he was gorgeous & just had to pet him! {but I'm sorry he slobbered on your shorts, Laura!} The reason we went downstairs was for this super great picture spot:

& I guess that's all! We took the other Amy Renee back to her car & headed home. We had some good conversation on the drive & all felt like the day was even better than we had hoped!

{p.s. I picked today's song for two reasons: 1) Sarah M. (of The Reliques) was in the same sorority as three of the girls that were a part of our day. 2) Peacocks, obviously. Good choice, no?}


Brooke said…
what a fun trip!! :) and i love the shoes!
Aww... that looks like so much fun! How wonderful to have a group of friends like that. The peacocks are beautiful! Love the shoes!
Anonymous said…
Popped over from StudioJRU! Prayed for you today.
Amanda said…
There is nothing like a Girl's Day. Completely necessary in life! So glad that you got to do this, looks like so much fun!!
Zion said…
Austin is my FAVORITE city. I have been to a lot of those places, but regretfully never knew about that sale. Too bad too because I need those brown wedge heels! So cute.
Laura said…
SUCH a fun day! I want to do it again. :)

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