"Vous êtes mon cœur (You Are My Heart)"

(by Gungor) Vous êtes mon cœur (You Are My Heart) - Ghosts Upon the Earth (Deluxe Edition)

Vous êtes mon cœur (You Are My Heart) by Michael Gungor on Grooveshark

In lieu of my usual Monday thing, I figured it was finally time for the post about the Gungor concert! Oh, y'all...it was awesome! And I finally have the pictures! What's sorta funny is that I waited for my memory card all this time, and there aren't actually any pics of Gungor! But there are pics of my friends & me at the concert, so they'll have to do!

Here I am with Laurien:

Julie & me:

Laurien & Nicole:

Before I get to the details of the concert, I have a brief story of the type that you'd expect from me...We got there about an hour early (so we could get good seats) & had been sitting there talking for a little while when Julie looked around & said, "I probably know someone here." After I agreed that I probably did, too, I looked up and saw my friend Kent! :)

Anyways...The Brilliance opened up for Gungor. It really was a happy surprise, because we hadn't heard of them before & weren't sure how we'd feel about them. I sorta thought we'd just endure that part while waiting for Gungor, but that wasn't the case! Michael Gungor's brother (David) is in the band, and there are some similarities between the two bands. They even used some of the same musicians.

The concert wasn't so much a concert as it was a worship service ~ complete with the spoken Word (poetry & scripture), corporate confession & prayer, and (of course) music. It was great! There was definitely a degree of entertainment to it, but even then it was more of a reminder of how God has blessed these people with amazing talent that they are using for His glory. They went through a lot of the GUTE album, telling the story of life from creation through the fall, death, resurrection, repentance, redemption, hope, & life. They also did a few songs from Beautiful Things.

Overall, the night reaffirmed the love of my Redeemer ~ my love for Him, and His love for me. That's why I chose today's song for this post. ♥



Beautiful... such a beautiful song! The concert sounds wonderful. Uplifting and encouraging! Looks like you all had so much fun! :)
Jen Price said…
Looks like you had a great time! I love Gungor! So cool you got to see them in concert
Jen Price said…
Oh, and definitely let me know when you're back in the area!

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