"Farther Along"

(by Josh Garrels) Farther Along - Love & War & The Sea In Between

This week I...

...did a little Spring cleaning

...worked on our taxes {ugh}

...did a little money laundering


...said goodbye to some of my brother's fellow inmates {Bible study is over, so I may never see them again, & I'm not going to lie: I totally had tears in my eyes as we were leaving}

...did a little gardening {I'll post pics soon ~ I didn't think about it until after the sun had set!}

...welcomed my dad into our home {until he finds a new place nearby ~ I'm so excited!!}

...listened to a bunch of Josh Garrels tunes :) I got an email with today's video, & I fell in love a little bit. It is so good! You really need to listen to it if you haven't already! The whole thing is beautiful. I really can't pick a favorite part! {p.s. Have I mentioned that I love getting music suggestions? Especially when you can get an entire album for free!}

I hope your weekend is going super! ♥



All kinds of wonderful things this week Amy! Money laundering... lol! I can only imagine the amazing influence you were in the lives of those men. Such a gift you were to them! Can not wait to see your gardening photos. How exciting to welcome your dad!! :)
Jen Price said…
Ha, ha! Love the money laundering part. Too funny.
Becky Crenshaw said…
You garden!! Girl! I need advice! I am putting in a raised bed this year. Just bought it at Sam's (fancy!) What did you plant!?
RR Mama said…
Laughed out loud at the money laundering part. Glad you had a great weekend! Enjoy your time with your dad!
Brooke said…
i desperately need a good round of spring cleaning.

*love* this song

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