"So Close So Far"

(by Future of Forestry) So Close So Far - Travel II - EP

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This week has been super great! I plan on telling y'all more about the mission trip later. Other than that {& sleeping in until 8 or 9 for the past few days!} my week has been pretty chill, but I needed it! I met my friend Sloan for coffee on Thursday, and I picked up my sweet boy from Amy's after that. I hadn't seen him in four days, but I think he would've rather stayed with his friend! :( On Friday, the kids & I met my bloggy friend & her family for lunch!! It was SO good to see her again & meet her boys! :) And tonight we went to a party where our friends revealed the gender of the baby they are having! {SO fun!}

For fear of coming across as one of those freaky dog-obsessed people, I almost didn't post the following. But I really don't think I talk about Pepper so much that I come across that way. Do I? Anyways, my baby puppy turned 5 on Thursday! We usually buy her a "fancy" canned-type meal (rather than the dry food she usually gets) & stick a candle in it. 'Cuz we're weird like that.

Sometimes she gets a toy, too...

...which she promptly destroys.

{It seriously looks like roadkill now, don't you think?!}

Then I showed her that another squeaker was still inside, so she destroyed it a little more...

& rolled around in the "remains"...

She's such a freak!

When she was done, she struck her "innocent" pose:


As for today's song, it really is just a guess. We listened to all sorts of randomness from everybody's iPods on the trip, but I'm pretty sure we heard this song the most. Emma requested it several times {referring to it as the "boom ba boom clap clap" song ~ or something along those lines!} & I can understand why she likes it! I had never heard of this band before, but I'm always happy to discover new [good] music. Have you discovered any lately?

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! ♥



Amanda said…
Oh Goodness!! Pepper looks too cute in all these pictures!! Happy Birthday Pepper!!
Brooke said…
i'm not a fan of dog-obessed people. you i like. case closed. defendant found "innocent" :P
RR Mama said…
It was great to see you! I'm it worked out that we got to see each other. And Pepper looks like all kinds of fun was had.
Zion said…
Such cute pictures!

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