(by Ty Tabor) Thankful - Rock Garden

Thankful by Ty Tabor on Grooveshark

I think this is the most consecutive Mondays on which I've actually posted "Multitudes on Mondays"! Yay me!! ;) This week I'm grateful for...
  1. My bank being on top of things & recognizing fraudulent charges before things got too crazy!
  2. A shiny new debit card
  3. Websites that make it easy to update billing information
  4. Hats
  5. Scarves
  6. Beanies
  7. Hair bands
  8. An unexpected coffee date with Sloan
  9. Friends who are considerate enough to warn me about the particularly close-to-home subject matter in a book they knew I was planning to read
  10. Getting to know a few ladies while decorating the church for Christmas
  11. My boy who likes to chat with me on Google voice {while I cook dinner & he listens to music upstairs on his dad's computer!} ♥
  12. New Christmas music by Logan Keller
  13. Receiving new Christmas tunes as a gift from Mocha Club
  14. A fun night watching youtube videos with the students =)
  15. My sweet boy who makes me lunch
  16. My cousin Brandy who located Mema A's bread pudding recipe!
  17. A nice email from an OM friend in Canada
  18. A beautiful day for a visit with my baby brother {as opposed to last week's craziness!!}
  19. An invitation to join Misty for her wedding dress fitting ♥
  20. Conversation and laughter in the van with my baby girl
  21. Umbrellas {especially cute ones with polka dots}
  22. Christmas light timers
  23. A grocery store right outside my neighborhood
  24. Having the time to bake 4 dozen cookies for a couple of events this week
  25. My friend Debi who gave me 2 dozen of the aforementioned cookies that she happened to have in her freezer {what a wonderful time saver!}

I'm officially half way through with my list! I still have so much more to be thankful for, & I'm so glad to have this little meme to help me focus on all the good around me. What's on your list this week?

P.S. I'm still on the lookout for more songs for this series! Let me know if you have any good ones! Thanks!! ♥



Brooke said…
today is the day to be thankful for all things hair accessory? then i shall be thankful for my ponytail holder - i couldn't be lazy without it! :)
So many wonderful gifts! Already to 500... that is awesome! I am glad to hear your bank is on top of things like that. Yum... a family bread pudding recipe! Yay for a beautiful day to visit your baby brother! :)
Zion said…
I am doing Rob and Misty's photos. Yay! I miss reading/commenting on your blog :( Hopefully I can catch up soon.

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