"True Friend"

(by Hannah Montana) True Friend - Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party

Yes, I posted a Hannah Montana song. I'm not sure what came over me. I already posted the song that would've been perfect for today, so what else could I do? Becky is talking about girlfriends {& how complicated friendships can be} on her blog today. In reading her post, I was reminded that I have some amazing {& complication-free} friends! So I decided that today would be all about them!! I am thankful for my friends who...
  1. live in my neighborhood
  2. have babies I get to hold :)
  3. let me ramble about random stuff
  4. allow me to vent
  5. hold me accountable
  6. meet me for coffee
  7. laugh with me
  8. cry with me
  9. pray with me
  10. pray for me
  11. shop with me
  12. watch TV with me
  13. bake with me
  14. make me laugh
  15. make me smile
  16. encourage me
  17. challenge me
  18. speak truth to me
  19. skype with me
  20. scrapbook with me
  21. carpool with me
  22. go to concerts with me
  23. leave encouraging blog comments
  24. text me funny pictures! :)
  25. know my faults and still love me ♥

If you have a friend that you're grateful for, I'd love to hear about her (or him)!



RR Mama said…
Great post! I have a wonderful friend who I am praying through some pretty tough times with her parents. Her mother is getting older and has Alzheimer's and her dad is taking care of her. She got sick this past week and it has been pretty rough! Thanks for the great reminder of how wonderful people can be.
Friends that let you ramble... love that. Pray with and for you... priceless. Sounds like you are blessed with some amazing friends Amy. I'm sure that is because you are such a great friend too! ♥
AmyB said…
She Is a GREAT friend!

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