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Since I decided to focus on my friends in my gratitude post last week, some of today's list goes back a couple of weeks. Again, I'm sure it doesn't really matter to you when these things occurred, right? Today I am {still} thankful for...
  1. A scrapbook/catch up day with Felicity
  2. @Mentions on Pinterest :)
  3. Delicious MOPS breakfast
  4. Hanging out with Amy {even if we only have a little bit of time!}
  5. A hilariously gross picture that Felicity sent me via text {because it made her think of me!} :D
  6. Playing Bubble Talk with some great ladies at Game Night with Christopher's Sunday School class
  7. Getting to know people better at said Game Night
  8. An extra hour of sleep fun! :)
  9. A huge heart for missions at my church
  10. Fun events {like Slip N Slide Supernova} with the students at church
  11. No major injuries at said fun event
  12. My cousin's strong foundation and solid trust in the Lord as he begins his battle with cancer {I love you, Kirby! You are amazing, and I am so proud of you!}
  13. A beautiful reminder of God as the potter {May I truly surrender & allow Him to shape me into a vessel that would be useful to Him! Jeremiah 18:1-6, 2 Timothy 2:21}
  14. The Word of God "that is the very bread by which I live" {I totally stole that line from Kay Arthur. I love it! It is so true. I simply cannot live without His Word!}
  15. Trials that lead me to Jesus & (though I have a long way to go) make me more like Him
  16. Days when I am able to spend hours with my God ♥
  17. Catching up with my best friend from middle school
  18. Inside jokes with my girl
  19. Reading the same books as my boy & enjoying them! {How are both of my kids old enough to read books that grown-ups like, too?!}
  20. Sweet teenage girls opening up about their lives in our small groups {I ♥ those girls!}
  21. The ability to multi-task
  22. Wi-Fi
  23. Finding out about another "small world" connection {it makes me happy every time!}
  24. Christopher's eye remaining stable for four months
  25. No doctor appointments for the rest of the year!

I'd love to now what's on your list today!



It always sounds like you have so much fun with your church family... love that! Inside jokes... lol. Multi tasking is the best! Yay for no more dr. appointments this year!! :)
Brooke said…
hurrah for C's eye and no doctor appointments!! :)

whattcah reading?
RR Mama said…
I've been doing the 30 days of thankful on Facebook. I'm sure you've noticed. HA!

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