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(by Natalie Cole) Be Thankful (Digitally Remastered 02) - Natalie Cole - Anthology

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love the spirit of thankfulness that usually occurs during November, though I wish it would last all year long. That's what's great about this whole "One Thousand Gifts" thing! I plan on continuing my list once I reach one thousand, though I don't know if I'll continue to post it on here or not. Anyways, today I am thankful for...
  1. My dad {whose birthday is today!!}
  2. Lunch with Sam & two of her little men
  3. The kids getting to hang out with their cousins over the break
  4. Burn cream {Yes, I burned myself again. This time it's not quite a smiley face, but it looks like it's trying to smile! I'm not good about taking/using medication, but by day 2 it was all blistery & red. Medicine can be a good thing, in case you didn't know!}
  5. Tank tops
  6. Baby girl winning the Principal's Award!
  7. An email with the subject line, "It's time, friend" inviting me to cross something off my list! {I can't wait to tell you about this one!!}
  8. My brother's family {who hosted our Thankgsiving dinner}
  9. A family that gathers peacefully on holidays
  10. New inexpensive furniture from friends {yet another item from my list that I can't wait to complete & tell you about!}
  11. A super cute new devo/blogging/TV watching spot
  12. Early Christmas presents {that we've been waiting for for years!}
  13. A friend with a pickup truck
  14. A friend who lets me hide Christmas presents in her garage ~ even though her daughter had to stand outside where it was "freakin' freezin'" to avoid seeing {& accidentally telling my kids about} the presents! ;)
  15. A package in the mail from my friend Mandy!
  16. Christmas decorations that bring back happy memories
  17. The kids being old enough to do the tree almost entirely by themselves {& it actually looking good!}
  18. Laughing with my family while watching Elf
  19. The guards [who had originally insisted that we would have to be outside for the duration of our visit with my brother] relenting & allowing us to go inside once tables were available {it felt like 40 degrees with wind gusts that no lie almost blew me off my feet. Twice!}
  20. Getting to be a part of my dad's birthday tradition at Live Oak Grill {the best steak fingers since his hometown DQ closed ~ not your typical steak fingers, ftr}
  21. A working heater {finally had a reason to turn it on overnight!}
  22. Warm boots {is it crazy that tank tops & warm boots are on the same list? Crazy Texas weather!}
  23. Painting with my little neighbors
  24. An impromtu hang out day with their mom
  25. It's finally the time of year to listen to Relient K's Let it Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer!

And you? What are you thankful for?



Brooke said…
tank tops in november? you must live in texas! ;)

happy bday to your dad!
Happy Birthday dad! How wonderful to receive the Principal's Award. Early Christmas presents are fun! Elf is too funny! Love #469. Such a great list Amy!

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