"Whip It"

(by Devo) Whip

My goals for this summer were for it to be fit, fun & frugal. One way of doing that was by searching the internet for entertainment venues in the area that offer specials on different days of the week. Last week, we enjoyed what I like to call "Dollar Day"! It started when we picked up Cody's friend Alex & stopped by Sonic Happy Hour on the way home. We got half-priced Limeades & stuff, plus a couple of items off the dollar menu. The kids had been to a local skating rink for a club party at the end of the school year, and this particular skating rink has $1 Skate Night each Wednesday throughout the summer. So, we took the kids for several hours of fun for a total of $6, including the locker that we had to wait 30 minutes for it to become available {but I have an awesome mister who was willing to pull "purse duty" so I could skate a little!}

Elly didn't venture too far from the wall, but she had FUN!

Alex had never been roller skating before, but he did excellent!

Cody totally knows how to skate, but he preferred holding his mama's hand ü

My mister took this picture of his girls...

I think these are the same beautimous skates we wore back in the 80's!

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Brooke said…
fun! :) our bowling center is like that - the haven't replaced the shoes in decades it seems like!

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