"Hey There Delilah"

(by Plain White T's) Hey

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's on Grooveshark

This week I...

...didn't get near enough sleep

...spent 24+ hours at hospitals & doctor offices

...put over 775 miles on my van

...went through 34 toll plazas

...had a reunion of sorts with two beautiful girls young ladies who I hadn't seen in years. In fact, the last time we had a dinner/movie date was over 5 years ago ~ when they graduated from middle school! (I completely forgot to get a picture ~ ugh!)

...saw Charlie St Cloud (with said girls)

...was asked if I had my Student ID

...had way too short of a visit from Terry (one of our friends from England)

...took this funny picture of my mister with [you decide] cat ears/horns/a pretty bow:

{Yes, he really did wear the eye shirt to the eye doctor ~ such a weirdo!}

...went to The Chocolate Bar with these beautiful people:

{they take lovely pictures ~ you should totally check them out at LOVE PIC LOVE}

...got this awesome piece of artwork from Studio JRU:

{"Let all that you do be done in love." ~ 1 Cor 16:14}

...apparently listened to "Hey There Delilah" more than any other song. Though I like it, I'm pretty sure it ended up at the top because my baby girl had control of my iPod quite a bit. On my solo trips to visit my dad, I listened to Dave Ramsey podcasts, which don't quite count as songs!



Brooke said…
i vote for horns! :D
I love this blog. So glad I found it...what a cool idea!! I can't wait to show my mom - her whole life is summed up in song!

Thanks for sharing.
Hi there! I clicked over from The Messy Mom, and I love your blog concept!! When I very first started writing my blog, I thought about making all my titles songs - but I knew I couldn't keep it up. I LOVE that you do it! :)

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