"Rock and Roll Music"

(by The Beach Boys) Rock

Summer is coming to an end, & I have mixed feelings about it. It seems like it went by SO fast! I love sleeping in, hanging out with my kids & going to the pool. But I enjoy the routine that tends to come with the school schedule. The first part of the school year is usually quite hectic, and I feel like this one will be a little more so than usual. We'll have a few house guests for the first week, so I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen! My dad has been here since Wednesday and will stay at least until his follow-up visit on Tuesday. {He's doing well, by the way! He gets his staples out at said doctor visit, & we'll see then if he feels up to going home & being on his own.} Also, Wally & Teresa's girls are coming to stay with us tomorrow. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but they're moving to my neighborhood! They close on Friday, but they currently live about an hour away. I think that's an incredibly far distance to drive each morning for school, so the girls are staying with me for the week. One of them will go to Cody's school, and I'll pass by the other's school on the way to Elly's ~ so it works out perfect!

Well, my family is watching The Sandlot, & I don't want to be accused of not paying attention! As for today's song: summer + The Beach Boys = Need I say more?



Brooke said…
i awoke to fall like temps this morning! wooooooohoooooooooo finally! guess that's just my "nonmomness" coming through
Amanda said…
I was watching the sandlot(with Isaac) on saturday too!! I could't tell if he was a fan or not but I LOVE that movie. FOR EV ER.

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