"Boy Moves to a New Town With Optimistic Outlook"

(by FM Static) Boy

I'm sure all 5 of you were sorely disappointed to not have my regular Saturday post yesterday! ;) I had a super busy week & was more exhausted than I have been in a long time ~ and that's saying a lot, considering the amount of times I've used the word "exhausted" in the past year! OK, fine, so I looked it up & I've apparently only typed "exhausted" six times in the past year [not counting today] & "tired" five. But I promise I've said it A LOT!! On top of the exhaustion, there have been a lot of tears shed over the past week ~ by everybody who has stayed in this house (except for my dad, as far as I know!) I'll spare you all the details, but I'll recap a little of it for ya...

As previously mentioned, my kids started school on Monday! This has been the roughest start, but I suppose it could be worse! Cody doesn't think his switch teacher likes him, but I have a feeling he just hasn't allowed her to get to know him yet! He also thinks the bus is too loud, but he admitted tonight that it was better on Friday. You probably already read about Elly's rough evening, but that was the only problem. She is really enjoying middle school!

On Tuesday, I took my dad to the doctor for his staples to be removed. He was released to drive, so I took him home to his house! I'm so glad for him to be well enough to be on his own, but I have to admit that I got teary-eyed as I drove away. I seriously wouldn't have a problem if he just stayed here forever!

Not that this is exciting or anything, but I had what I'll call a 35-year-old woman's rite of passage on Wednesday. Yes, I'm really going to go there, 'cuz I feel it's important. I had my baseline mammogram! Considering my age, what my step-sister is going through, & the fact that I hate cancer, I thought it was best to go ahead & get it done. It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm glad it's done for now!

On Thursday, my mister attended his grandfather's funeral. The last time we saw him, I took this picture of all four "Dean Men" {they all share the same middle name, so that's what I call them}:

Friday, I helped my friend Cassie clean up her apartment. She & Tucker are moving to California, and I'm not one bit happy about it! :( But I know they're following where the Lord is leading them, so I can't go against that! I will miss them! I also went to a crop & stayed out way too late! I always tell myself that I'll go home as soon as I feel tired, but I enjoy visiting with the other ladies! ü

I tried out a new hairdresser on Saturday, and I'm quite happy with her! As much as I loved the lady I have used for the past 5 years or so, the new one is 1/2 the price & 1/2 the time. No, I didn't do anything bold like change my hairstyle, but maybe I will some day...

This afternoon, my mister & I attended a dinner for the MOPS Steering Team. Our church is starting a MOPS group, and I don't even think I've mentioned that I'm going to be a Mentor Mom! I attended MOPS when Cody was a baby & even served on the Steering Team. I really believe in the impact that MOPS can make in the life of a mother of a preschooler, and I look forward to encouraging the women who will be sitting at my table.

I listened to today's song the most because I played it for Lauren, my teen-aged house guest! Yes, I realize she's not a boy ~ but the circumstances of the song fit, & she loves it! Though her outlook isn't quite optimistic, I'm praying that it will be!!

Well, that's it for now! I look forward to a much calmer week ahead!



WOOHOO for you, Amy! I am a MOPS Coordinator and LOVE this ministry. Mentor moms are so important so thank you for serving this way!
Amanda said…
I can't believe that you went back and COUNTED how many times you used the words "exhausted" and "tired". Didn't doing that just make you more so??? It makes me tired just thinking of it!!! LOL!!!

Hope this coming week is a more restful one!!
Brooke said…
what a full weekend. i'm sorry for your loss.
Laura said…
Wow, what a busy week! I'll be praying that this week is calmer so you can have some rest. :)

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