"Feelin' Alive"

(by the Jonas Brothers) Feelin'

Yes, I've done it again. I've posted another JB song! I'm probably coming across as just about he most immature 30-something out there, aren't I? I've made no secret of the fact that I like pop music. Add to that the fact that my kids have the Disney Channel on quite a bit, so this is the type of music I hear. You know how it goes...you start to like the stuff you hear all the time, because you know the words! Anyways, Elly got the Jonas L.A. soundtrack this week, so we've been listening to it in the van. This happens to be the first song, so we've managed to listen to it the most! There you go...

This week hasn't been too incredibly eventful. Cody's friend Alex spent one night, and we went roller skating (more on that later, if there are enough decent pics!) The following night, Cody spent the night with Alex. Elly & I took advantage of that by having a little Girls' Night Out! We're so wild & crazy: we went to her middle school orientation & did some back to school shopping! We also happened upon 60¢ boneless wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings!

We're about to head over to my brother's house again! My uncle from Kentucky just so happened to have his annual summer visit occur during the time when my dad's surgery is scheduled, and my aunt drove in from New Mexico to be here for it. So, we're going to let the kids swim while we visit with each other. I'm sure there'll be time for visiting at the hospital on Monday, but my dad would be excluded (due to the surgery & all!), and so would my mister & my sister-in-law. Christopher will be at work, and Wendy offered to take care of all of the kids while Kerry & I are at the hospital. We would really appreciate your prayers for my dad. His surgery is scheduled for 7:30 in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Zion said…
We'll be praying. I blogged about you today, it's a little bit of a confession of sorts so I hope you don't mind. I was a little naive back in the day probably still am.

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