"Let Mercy Lead"

(by Rich Mullins) 

Here is yet another birthday post for Cody that is written to a boy by another name. It's good stuff, though, and it's my prayer for this sweet boy on his 15th birthday.

Cody had some of his friends over for a LAN party on Friday night and most of Saturday. Sadly, Alex was out of town for his grandpa's retirement party. This is the first party he has missed since their 5th birthdays! In the picture below Cody is holding a picture of Allen, who couldn't come over until after work.

Cody always requests ice cream cake. Like Elly's cake of choice, it isn't pretty but is delicious!

After staying up super late, they didn't get up for breakfast until after 10:00...

Then they continued to play XBOX, went to the park, ate lunch, and played more XBOX...

And because Dulce likes to eat shoes, the boys kept them safe on the staircase!

Cody picked Double Dave's for lunch after church today!

Then he opened his presents after we got home...

I think he had a good birthday weekend!

Let mercy lead.
Let love be the strength in your legs .
And in every footprint that you leave, there'll be a drop of grace.



Anonymous said…
what a sweet Xbox set up!!!
Zion said…
Ahhhhh! So grown up and it's weird that I remember that age SO well. I remember parts of other ages, but 15 and up are what are still really vivid. Great idea with the shoes BTW.

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