"Take the World"


JOHNNYSWIM brought back their New Music Monday, so I thought I'd share their latest video with you! They have so many great songs, y'all. If you haven't checked them out yet, you totally should!

So...y'all probably already saw what I got to do on Tuesday night, and it made my week pretty amazing!! Funny little story, though...it's interesting to me how mentioning certain people on social media will prompt responses, sometimes from the one you mention and sometimes from others. I have felt almost famous this week because Ross King retweeted my tweet about his album, Colony House favorited my tweet about the Tour De Compadres, Ellie Holcomb mentioned me in reply to a comment on a photo she posted in Instagram (squee!!), and both The Icarus Account and Ty Turner (of The Icarus Account) favorited a couple of my tweets about Ben Rector and the Tour De Compadres. What's funny/odd is the following situation...My baby girl has been a fan of The Icarus Account for years, and she tagged them in a post with a picture of their shirt awhile back. When I told her that they had favorited my Tour De Compadres tweet, she responded that they never liked her picture. So I tweeted directly to them with a link to her picture (in hopes that they would like her picture). The next morning I discovered that they had favorited my Ben Rector tweet, but there was no response to the tweet where I mentioned them, nor did they like Elly's picture! Maybe it was a weird tweet? Maybe I don't understand how it all works? Maybe they don't like to promote themselves? I don't know, but what I do know is that it would totally make my girl's day if they liked her picture! :)

I went to my very last Awards Assembly on Friday. My sweet boy had already won awards at previous assemblies for most (if not all) of the subjects as well as the Principal's Award, so I didn't expect him to get an award for anything except All "A" Honor Roll. There were some Class Choice Awards, too, and I knew that he had been nominated for Class Comedian, but for whatever reason I didn't expect him to win. I mean, I think he's super funny! But his class of nearly 600 kids was voting, and I just figured there was a more well-known student who would win. So I was surprised to hear his name announced as the winner! I may or may not have stood up and whooped. Then I realized that a couple of other moms had turned around to look at me, so I quietly apologized and sheepishly said, "Should I be proud?" Ha! I wasn't really sure at first, though I knew that his dad would be proud! If he didn't have the good grades to go with an award such as that, I don't suppose I should be proud. But he has shown himself to be a good student, too, so I am proud of this guy!

We had absolutely nothing on the calendar yesterday, and it was so nice! Christopher & I went for coffee...

...then he washed my car for me!

And, though I don't have pictures, we had a lovely evening at Aaron & Nichole's house! Our kids played with their littles in their backyard, we ate dessert on their balcony while watching the sunset, and I got to read a bedtime story to their little girl. It was such a nice way to spend the evening!

One last [random] thing...I just had to try out How Old Do I Look? for funsies:


Have you done it? Was it even close for you?

I hope you have a super great week!! ♥



Zion said…
Yeah, I am perplexed by the social media rules and algorithms for celebrities as well. You should be proud of your boy! He's the complete package ;) I have not tried the age thing because I have seen people get results of way over or way under and one time someone (after several attempts with different photos) got near the right age. I am going to avoid the heart ache just in case I fall in the way older category.
Zion said…
Although, having a second look at your photo it looks like your friends (I am guessing!) were accurate.
Brooke said…
i'm boycotting the app. a friend uploaded a pic of us and it said i was old! okay so it said my age, but still.

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