"More Now"

(by Ross King) 

Ross King's new album Unfettered is out today!! I've already posted one song from it, but I was saving today's song for release day! ü

I don't know if it's just a thing I do with Ross King albums or what, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite lyrics...

So I refuse to believe that this is all I'm ever going to be...I hear those voices running through my head. They're telling me there's nothing left, no reason for my hope. (from "Hope Dies Last") <~ I like this song's sound the most, but you'd probably figure that out if you listened to it! ü

In the end, when we get home, there will be no need for hope because every longing will be satisfied in You. And every sad and broken thing will come untrue. (from "Hope Dies Last")

What kind of person would die and rise again to save the kind of person that I have always been? (from "What Kind of Person")

And you'll have to ignore all the mockers and scoffers until all you can hear is the voice of a whisper. (from "Give Away Your Life")

I'd rather be where you are now than where I was then. (from "Where I Was Then") <~ this is one of the songs about his dad who was suddenly taken to heaven a few years ago. Though the situation is obviously very sad, it's just so good to see beauty from ashes as evidenced by this song.

And I could probably quote today's entire song, but it's already in the lyric video! :) I'll limit it to just a portion...I've definitely struggled with the idea of God's sovereignty and have had to just accept that I'll never fully get it. Despite my doubts and questions, He has shown Himself faithful. And I trust Him. So the second verse really resonates with me...

So I don't need to understand if you pushed me or let me fall
Or the days when Your tender hand was a wrecking ball
The illusion of my control has shattered and been replaced
With a hunger deep in my soul and a childlike faith

I'll close with my absolute favorite part of today's song:

Now I can't shake this truth
after all I've been thru
I believe in You more now



Brooke said…
hope you are having a great week!! <3
sounds like some meaningful music you are meditating on this week.
Zion said…
Wow, The sound is really different from the last album (from what I heard). I love his heart behind all that he sings. Thanks for the review.

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