"Difference Maker"


And now for Part Two of my trip to India! I began with the travel almost halfway around the world, and now I'll share a bit about my team...

I was blessed to go to India with these amazing people:

And because the above picture isn't so easy to label, here's another picture of the team:

[From left to right (back row): Lance, Scott, John. (front row): Kristin, Nicole, me, Marlene.]

Lance is one of the guys that I work with/for {don't tell anyone, but sometimes he's my favorite}

Scott is my fellow aggressive defensive driver, a protector, & a super fun guy:

John is my "twinning" friend who got punched in the gut for saying that I looked pretty saree >:P

Kristin (aka Sister Christian) used to be one of my girls in the youth group, & now she's all grown up!

Nicole (aka Coco) isn't embarrassed to dance in airports, finds ♥s in everything, & takes beautiful photographs {she took most of the good pictures in these posts, as in the ones not taken on cell phones...}

Marlene is hospitable and knowledgeable, & she'd give you the shirt off her back:

It was so great getting to know this crazy, beautiful team better & sharing such an amazing experience with them!

(to be continued...)

Photo credit: basically all of the good pictures were taken by Nicole (&/or with her camera and expertise), and the others are from various team members' phones and cameras...


Brooke said…
love the pictures!! :) keep 'em coming!

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