"Say Something"

(cover by Pentatonix) 

This past week was Spring Break for my kiddos! They went on a trip with the youth group, but I didn't go this year. I'm heading out of town this week and knew it wasn't best for me to be gone several days for two weeks in a row! I did a few fun things, though, like...

...checked out a coffee place with Christopher one night:

...met my friend Christen for coffee {because we're real friends but have never hung out & decided we should change that! <~ the not hanging out part, that is. We should totally not change the friend part!}

...did a little shopping {have I told y'all that I'm a little addicted to LOFT? They actually have grownup clothes that fit me! As in, their petite clothes in my size are actually made for women who are still waiting for certain body parts to arrive! Tmi...? Just keepin' it real!}

...met up with my brother's family for an afternoon at Mom's

...celebrated Pepper's 7th birthday! She got her usual fancy birthday meal & a new rope toy:

...spent an evening with our Community Group tonight!

I guess that's all for now. I hope y'all have a super wonderful week! ♥



Brooke said…
i love Loft stuff too. especially on sale! plus they insist i'm smaller than i really am ;)
Zion said…
Fun alone time for you. Happy birthday Pepper!

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