"Here I Am to Worship"

(sung by Rebekka Abedini)

I'm asking for your help today. I mentioned that Naghmeh Abedini came to our church at the end of September, but I only wrote a small paragraph and posted this picture of her interview with Marcie:

Now the situation is extremely urgent.

In case you're unaware of his story, you can read it here. Briefly, To sum it up...Saeed is an American husband, father, and pastor who was imprisoned in one of Iran's toughest prisons simply for sharing his Christian faith. He has now been moved to an even more dangerous prison. It is one that is full of murderers and is known as a place where prisoners are sent to "disappear".

A new round of diplomatic talks between Iran and world leaders begins tomorrow, and Saeed must be a part of these talks.

Please, please, please sign this petition for immediate intervention (it's different than what I posted a month ago). Then, please share it on facebook, tweet about it, post it on Instagram, etc. And of course, please PRAY! Please do anything and everything possible to help him! Naghmeh told me today that she appreciates what I am doing, but I am doing so little. If you join forces with me, we can do so much more!

Thank you! ♥



Zion said…
I signed the petition and I am praying for his release. This is so incredibly tragic. I think what you are doing is great. Keep us posted.

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