"Don't Forget His Love"

(by Ellie Holcomb) Don't Forget His Love (Psalm 108) - Magnolia

So...as usual, I don't have time to blog, and I don't have much to blog about. I'd love to tell y'all about seeing Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, but I want to show y'all pictures, too. My computer is messed up, and I don't know how to get pictures from my camera without my computer. When I get that figured out, I will tell y'all about the concert! :) Speaking of Mr. Holcomb, today's song is one of his wife's songs that I've posted before. It's pretty super! :)

As for my week, it was mostly the same old stuff. Friday was fun, though! {Well...except for the typhoid vaccine injection. That wasn't fun...} I met up with some friends for lunch, and we had our traditional empanada dinner with Dan & Amanda's family! :) And because I took some pictures on my phone, this post isn't completely pictureless!

{I'm pretty sure that's the longest fry I've ever seen!}

I hope y'all have a super great week & a wonderful Thanksgiving! ♥



Zion said…
Sorry about your computer :( That stinks. I like that girls bike shirt, super cute.
Brooke said…
love her bicycle shirt!

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