"You Have Redeemed My Soul"

(by Enter the Worship Circle) You Have Redeemed My Soul - First Circle

You Have Redeemed My Soul by 100 Portraits And Waterdeep on Grooveshark

I hope y'all have had a great week! Mine has been really nice. I planted some flowers in my front yard, but I seem to be a failure at taking real pictures these days. I'll try to remember to take some pics on my camera when it's daylight! And I'll try to be better at taking pictures in general...

Baby girl realized this week that she still had gift cards from her birthday {in October!} and Christmas, so we took advantage of a day off school & went to the mall. We've developed a bit of a tradition where I take her there, and she buys me lunch. Nice, huh?! I tried to find an Easter dress but wasn't successful. I'm too old for the dress styles at most of the places where I usually shop. So I tried a few "grown up" stores & was reminded that I really need to be able to afford to shop where they do alterations (since some parts of me never grew up). :/

It's probably best that I didn't find anything, because it would've been short-sleeved. And I may have to wear long sleeves tomorrow to hide some color that I haven't been able to wash off from Color Me Rad today!

{more on this later!}

And to completely change gears...

As most Christians do this time of year, I've spent some time reflecting on all that Jesus went through during this week so many years ago. I am still in awe that He would suffer so much for me and for you. It breaks my heart to think about what His friends and family were going through on this day in history, this day between his death and resurrection. Of course, we know how the story ends. But they didn't get it. They didn't see it yet, and I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings they were experiencing. But how I would've loved to have been there the following day!

Alrighty, I better get some sleep. I feel like I've been all over the place with this post (as with most of them lately, actually). I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend! ♥



Brooke said…
i have the pink glasses too :) looks like you had a great time!
Zion said…
That one looks way cooler than some of the ones I've seen where my friends just look like they had some bad powder foundation on. That one looks super colorful. Do you have a tattoo on your thigh? Did I miss something?

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