"The Love of God"

(by Rich Mullins) The Love of God - Never Picture Perfect

The Love of God by Rich Mullins on Grooveshark

Something made me think of Rich Mullins the other day, so I've dusted off his tunes and find that my soul is both full and sorrowful at the same time. I still remember exactly what I was doing (even the exact turn on the road where I was driving) when I heard that he had passed away. Maybe that's weird, because it's not like he was a president or something. He [admittedly] didn't even have the greatest voice. But his music was inspirational, and he lived so radically different than most of us. It has been said of Rich that "he never sought to be perfect, only to be God's." I admire that about him.

A few weeks after he died, "20 The Countdown Magazine" produced a special tribute to Rich Mullins. I bought the two-hour recording that consisted of his music and interview clips that had me in awe and in tears (sometimes at the same time). I listened to the recording again this week and still feel the same awe, but now it's mixed with a little knowing from having wrestled with some of the same thoughts and beliefs about God, the church, Christianity, etc. It's also mixed with some conviction and a stirring in my soul to press on, because I still have a long way to go.

Rich had a way with words that I can't adequately explain {probably because I don't have a way with words like that!} The things that he said were sometimes introspective, sometimes theological, sometimes offensive, but almost always profound. They remind me of old hymns that are full of deep, rich words that you find hard to understand at times. But there's something that resonates inside and causes you think, really think, about them. And about God.

Anyways, I don't really know where I was going with this post. There are a lot of Rich Mullins quotes I could discuss with y'all, but I need to head to work so I'll save them for another time. So stay tuned for more on Rich Mullins, a man who really knew "the reckless, raging fury that they call the love of God."



Brooke said…

hope you have a blessed Easter weekend!
Zion said…
Ah yes! I love Rich Mulins, him and Keith Green. Both seemingly tragic deaths, but such an impact through their lives!

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