"All the Faint Lights"

(by Steve Moakler) All the Faint Lights - All the Faint Lights

Once again, I have almost forgotten about my Saturday post. Considering the busyness this time of year & that nobody appears to have seen my last post, I don't suppose anyone would miss this one. But because the main reason I blog is for myself to have a fun little place to record some memories, I'll proceed! This week I...

...was called "pint-sized but dangerous" by my baby brother {ha ha! I'm a little bit bigger than pint-sized, but the dangerous part makes me laugh!}

...drove to the lake with my family to spend a few days with Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl!

...also got to spend a few days with these cute kids:

...was quite surprised at how well Pepper got along with Quincy!

...saw a female Cardinal!

{Jennifer, didn't I recently tell you that I had never seen one?!}

...got to see our old pastor & his wife, as well as our good friend Erick before heading home :)

...ran some errands & enjoyed a delicious lunch with my baby girl

...spent a relaxing day at Amy's

...accomplished a lot of things at work {despite a mild meltdown ~ I hate when frustration leaks out as tears. In front of people. And especially in front of male people}

...had an impromptu date night with my mister after realizing that both kids would be at friends' houses!

...slept in {a few times!}

...got Elizabeth a new phone for $1! {Her old one broke a long time ago, and she has been super great about using Freddy & Cara's old one all of this time. She was finally due for an upgrade, so we were able to get her new one for super cheap! Yay!}

...finally took down our Christmas decorations

...have no idea what I listened to the most, but I love this song! It's also on the October Baby soundtrack (like another Steve Moakler song that I've posted). My favorite part is:

So show me the way
I wanna be like that
I wanna hear You call my name and not look back

I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!! ♥



Brooke said…
i did have a super great weekend! :) got so overwhelmed with my stuffs that i just "marked all as read." sawry!

*runs to look at last post*
{amy} said…
That was not intended to be any sort of passive aggressive comment toward anyone! I'm sorry if it came across that way!
Jen Price said…
I also love it when the kids both end up at friend's houses. So nice!
ahh... yay!! love, love, love it, amy! i am so excited that you saw that beautiful bird. isn't she precious?! and i love how you can see the male and female often together. we call them mr. red and mrs. red. :)
Zion said…
Lake, date night, sleeping in- it all sounds wonderful!

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