"Disaster Road"

(by NEEDTOBREATHE) Disaster Road (B-Side) - Keep Your Eyes Open EP (Songs from the Reckoning Sessions)

Disaster Road (B-Side) by Needtobreathe on Grooveshark

This has been a good week, except for Mister Christopher ending up with the flu! :/ The good parts of my week consisted of...

...a school holiday that allowed me to sleep in a little {I needed that desperately!}

...winning a little giveaway & browsing through the artwork from Show Offs Art! :)

...finishing up my study with Laura {& enjoying a delicious breakfast casserole}

...worship practice with Laurien, Julie, and girl named Michelle {for a CR meeting at Michelle's church next week}

...MOPS {& yet another yummy breakfast!}

...dinner with a new friend that has recently joined our community group

...completing two days of the C25K {& I'm not gonna lie...there are times that I have to repeat, "This is for Kirby...This is for Kirby...This is for Kirby..." It feels good to get back out there, though!}

...a Sweet Sixteen party for one of our students {my first one is a super long time!}

...celebrating Marcie's birthday with my birthday girls!

...a lot of NTB {again!} Today's song is my favorite one from the Keep Your Eyes Open EP (Songs From The Reckoning Sessions). I'm not exactly sure what made it my favorite, but I can relate the part that says, "I'm in a cage I've chosen, 'cause it feels like home." That line jumped out at me the very first time I heard the song. That's where I was for a loooong time: in a cage of my own choosing, because it was what I was familiar with. But God wants so much more for us than that! And today's song reminds me that I'm no longer stuck in that cage, because He has set me free!

Alrighty, I better get to bed soon! I hope y'all are having a super great weekend! ♥



Zion said…
Very Cool! So glad to hear all the good news, minus the flu.
Boo for that darn flu! :( Have you decided on what you will pick from show offs art?! Can't wait to see! :) Such a great photo of you pretty birthday girls!
Brooke said…
c25K will get easier i promise!!! and hopefully the rest of your house will be spared the flu!
Jen Price said…
Amen! He most definitely has set you (and me) free! Sounds like a great week. Except for the flu. :( No bueno.

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