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This post comes to you from my patio on pretty much the most beautiful day ever! I hope it's just as beautiful where you are, and I hope the birds sound just as joyful! Today I am thankful for...
  1. The money to pay our taxes this year! {this has rarely been the case, so I am incredibly grateful!!}
  2. Keiljuana {my VBS partner}
  3. Kristi {my wonderful friend & neighbor, who had a birthday last week!}
  4. A spontaneous shout of "I love you, Mom!" from my baby girl {it was because I got her some Goldfish crackers at the store, but I'll take it for any reason she wants to say it!} ♥
  5. 10-year-old girls who are excited to tell their peers about Jesus
  6. A solved mystery {there had been an incessant beeping sound next door for over a month, & nobody had seen our neighbor in that entire time. I was getting really concerned about her. Another neighbor knows someone who knew her brother in high school & was able to get ahold of him. She called me Wednesday night, and all is well! And an electrician came & took care of the beeping!}
  7. A random picnic with Kristi, her adorable kids, & our neighbor guy {not to be mistaken for creepy old neighbor guy!}
  8. Lots of playground fun with my adorable little neighbors
  9. A super great ladies retreat!
  10. Being mistaken for my beautiful friend Susan ;)
  11. Friends who randomly tell me that they like me :)
  12. Late night games
  13. Funny bits of randomness that made us laugh repeatedly {like "I don't, but..." & "door hinges"}
  14. A reminder to let go of the illusion of control {I always think of Oogway when I say that!} & trust God. With everything.
  15. Chuck Colson's legacy {Well, maybe not the whole Watergate part, but definitely the prison reformation part! He was the founder of Prison Fellowship & InnerChange Freedom Initiative ~ the program my baby brother is in}
  16. My sweet boy finally feeling better!
  17. Sharing a Kit Kat with my baby brother
  18. My brother {whose birthday was yesterday!}
  19. Elly texting her uncle on his birthday {she is the only person on the planet that Kerry texts, and I love it!}
  20. Baby girl telling me every detail of her weekend ♥
  21. Baby girl wanting to hear about my weekend :)
  22. Playing silly smart phone games with Amy :)
  23. Beautiful weather
  24. The sound of birds singing
  25. A good conversation with the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door every month {a long time ago, they asked me if they could continue to come back & read scripture to me. So I let them. It has been interesting, though our conversations haven't been too deep yet. We'll see how things unfold...}

What are you thankful for today?



Brooke said…
you're a better woman than I (re: the JW) we don't get many around here, and i hide and pretend not to be at home
Shout of "I love you mom"... that is awesome! Glad your neighbor was alright. Love randomness that makes you laugh! So glad your boy is feeling better! :)

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