"The Bakery"

(by the Arctic Monkeys) The Bakery - Fluorescent Adolescent

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Jana & I have made it our mission to visit every bakery in the known world...or at least in our area! Since I don't have much to blog about, I decided to make it a series. Aren't y'all excited about that?! ヅ

Our first bakery was The Sweet Boutique. They have cupcakes, cake pops, & macarons. The flavors vary daily, so we've decided that we'll have to go back on every day of the week! ;) A certain little boy was in dessert heaven...

We decided to share the Salted Caramel cupcake as well as the Rose, Vanilla, Strawberry, & Nutella macarons:

Our favorite was the Nutella. And the Rose made us think of church in the late 70's. Not so good. {ftr: church was good, but the smell? Not so much!}

As for the cupcake...

...we thought it had just enough saltiness that it didn't take away from the sweetness. The cake itself was a little dry, though.

So that's it for our first stop in what I hope will be many in the future! This will be way more fun for Jana & me than it will be for you, but you'll at least get to see a post with some pictures. Those are way better than my lengthy & rambling posts, right?!



Amanda said…
YUMM!!! Maybe I shouldn't be reading your posts while hungry???
Zion said…
Wish I were there! I would be all over that. If you ever make it to Louisville you've got to try the Comfy Cow. It's home made ice-cream, but they have baked goods too and I had one of their ice-cream pies yesterday. Yum!

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