"Life is Beautiful"

(by The Afters) Life Is Beautiful - October Baby Motion Picture Soundtrack

I can't believe I've reached the end of this series! I haven't determined what I'll do now. Some people continue their lists beyond 1,000. Once you start noticing all of the little gifts that God gives you, it's hard to stop. And I never want to be ungrateful, because He truly has blessed me with so many beautiful things in my life. So I'll probably continue writing my list, but I don't think I'll blog about it. In all honesty, the song is the main reason why I don't think I'll continue to post my list here. It's not so easy, people. {& y'all weren't much help, ftr!} ;) But I think today's song is the perfect one to bring this series to a close. I am incredibly thankful for the all of the things that make me feel alive & the times that make me realize life is beautiful. And to wrap up my list today, I am thankful for...
  1. New friends
  2. Encouraging emails
  3. "Thinking of you" texts
  4. Lowe's coupons
  5. The time to do some projects around the house
  6. My kids surviving the STAAR
  7. Plans to cross something off my list this week!
  8. Lunch with one of my VBS team members {she missed the training meeting, so she took me to lunch so we could go over what she missed ~ how cool is that?!}
  9. Frozen Peanut Butter Mochas
  10. A friend's mom telling me that she has been praying for me
  11. Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl {who are like parents to me}
  12. Surprising my "brother"Aaron by showing up at his baby girl's soccer game
  13. Misty & Rob's wedding {is it OK if I say finally?!}
  14. Spending time with my girl Cassie
  15. A nice talk with beautiful Heidi {Hannah, you are so blessed to have her in your family! I love her & hope I'm at least a little bit like her when I'm her age!}
  16. Seeing several of our former students {all grown up!}
  17. Reconnecting with Shelly
  18. Sitting down & catching up with Hannah
  19. A good talk with Natalie
  20. Yet another safe drive late at night
  21. A new CD to listen to on our way home
  22. An inspiring newspaper article about my cousin Kirby
  23. Talking on the phone with my beautiful cousin Kendra
  24. My cousin Kevin qualifying for the state track meet {for the 2nd year in a row!}
  25. Love notes on napkins {some moms put little notes in their kids' lunchboxes, but I've always just written on their napkins. & every once in awhile, I get a note back!}

What are the things that make you realize life is beautiful?



Amazing song!! How wonderful to reach 1000 gifts already Amy. It has been so nice to read your gifts since you started sharing them. The love notes are so cute!
La said…
I have really enjoyed this series and I'm glad that you're going to keep it up off the grid. :) I read the article about your cousin. That was really inspiring and now I have a new blog to read.
RR Mama said…
I can't believe it's then of the series either. I have loved reading your list. It's made me think of things to be thankful for too. :)
Brooke said…
what a sweet return note :)
Zion said…
I'm behind on reading between being out of town and then going straight to the big hearing test, but I am so honored to have made the list, and just in the nick of time. :)

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