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It has been a super long time since I've done one of these posts! The other day I mentioned that I had a list going. And since I can't come up with a better name, I'd like to call this "Friends' Theme Songs: Random Assortment of High School Friends Edition"...

The first song goes out to Amy (aka Curly, Mooncraters, etc). She is one of three of us Amys that were in youth group together. I don't remember how it happened, but at some point we started referring to ourselves as Moe, Larry & Curly. I remember it involving a phone call that went something like this, "This is Amy. Have Amy call me at Amy's..." & somehow morphed into, "This is Moe. Have Larry call me at Curly's". {And NO, I will never forgive y'all for the picture you put in the paper for my 18th birthday! j/k} Oh, Amy, we have so many memories ~ & unfortunately, pictures to prove some of them! {OK, I'm not going to lie: I even love the horrendously awful ones of me!} I don't even know where to start...youth group, camp, riding around in The Colossal Unreversal & G Taylor {I totally forgot your car's name!} To be considered one of your daddy's daughters was an honor. I love the fact that you had his nickname for me put on my beer milk mug at your wedding! {& I love that you bought me a gallon of milk!} Your family welcomed me into your home at a time in my life when I desperately needed a family. Your mom is amazing, and I admire her ability to work and still make delicious home-cooked meals for your family each night! And I am so grateful that she always prepared enough for me & expected me to eat with y'all! {Did I seriously eat dinner with y'all every night of my Senior year? 'Cuz in my memory, I did! & we ate lunch there, too, didn't we?! Man, I owe your mom some $ for food!!} & I enjoyed sharing your little sister & brother with you! Anyways, though the song I picked for you is a more recent one {& it's really intended for a guy to sing to a girl} I think a lot of the lyrics of “Cinnamon & Lipstick” really sum it up for us! ♥ {p.s. I came across a picture of Clay in the units "dress". He'd kill me if I posted it on fb, wouldn't he?!}

Though I didn't actually go to high school with Nick, my friendship with him began back then. I met him & his twin brother when my youth pastor brought them with us to the Galleria, and we were instant friends. Those were the days before cell phones & email, so our friendship didn't come easy. He lived about an hour away from me (and it was long distance for us to call each other), so we wrote letters. When I was at Dad's, we could call each other for free. And we did. Every time. When I started driving, I'd hang out with him when I drove in to Houston for trips to the mall or on the way to/from a visit with my dad. I now live about 10-15 minutes from his old neighborhood, so I'll find myself driving through there every once in awhile & picture his little drawings on the letters he would send me. One of them was a little map he drew of his town & mine. He was headed West (towards my town) in his car, with the words “Go West, Young Man” above it! :) Hence, his song.

And now for Vicki Vidi! We quickly became friends my Freshman year, & I still have such fond memories of our friendship. We wrote the longest notes ever ~ full of random teenage drama! Among other things, I was so glad to be her driving partner for driver's ed. And I knew that all those hours driving around our little bitty town would be worth it if I got to drive with her. {Though I must say I was pretty happy that we got to use up several of them by driving to Austin ~ though I was too scared to drive over the Bluff!} We used to schedule our orthodontist appointments at the same time so we could ride together. Though that memory will forever be marred by the one we missed on that tragic day. Is it weird that I'm glad we are still able to grieve together? We have emailed each other several times through the years, just grieving. But we understand each other, and it is so comforting. On a happier note, I will never forget Spanish class, which is the origin of her song. We had to learn it in the class, and it has her birthday in it. So it has always been her song. You have NO idea how happy I was when I was able to actually find it for the playlist! I figured it was nearly impossible, but I found it! Eeeeeeee! :) Oh, & I will never forget the time I had to describe Stephen en Español & quietly added (for her ears only), "Es muy guapo"...only to hear Señor Blanco say, "Si, Amy, si." {mor.ti.phied.} Vidi, as I've said before, you & Spanish class will always be intertwined in my mind & in my heart!

The other Amy {Larry} has a song, too: Wayne Watson's “Friend of a Wounded Heart”. That may seem weird & somewhat sad, but it was a song that we would sing to each other when one of us was feeling down. As with my friend Karikins' song, there were dance moves involved. {These were a little less dramatic than "For You", in case you wondered!} I remember sitting across the sanctuary from her one day after she & her boyfriend had broken up, & I did a few of the actions to the song. It made her smile. ü & when I needed it, she would return the favor. Yay for friends who know how to cheer you up! :)

I have a few more that I was planning on including, but this post was getting way too long. I figure I'll remember somebody else's song tomorrow, anyways. So I'll tell y'all about a few other peoples' songs another time. I'm pretty sure I've asked this before, but do any of your friends have a "theme song"? If so, I'd love to hear about it! :)



Amy... you are so much fun! I love to hear your great memories and the songs to go along with them! Moe, Larry & Curly... lol... love it! :)

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