(by P!nk)

{I posted the edited version because there are some words I simply can't justify putting on here! Please excuse the b*word in the video, though. This song has such a great message that I figured you could excuse that!}

If you dropped by yesterday, then you're aware that it's NEDA Week!

This is such an important week to me because I struggled with an eating disorder for over half of my life. This year's theme is "Everybody Knows Somebody" because we all know someone who has been affected by eating disorders. Early detection and intervention are possible if we educate ourselves about the contributing factors, signs, and symptoms of eating disorders.

In our culture that is saturated with unrealistic body-image messages, almost all of us know somebody who is struggling with an eating disorder. I am healthy today because my friend cared enough to intervene. If you know someone, please don't be afraid to say something! ♥



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