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It's NEDA (National Eating Disorders Awareness) Week, so once again I'd like to devote this week to eating disorder recovery! This is a special year for NEDA, because it's their 25th Anniversary!

As someone who suffered from an eating disorder & body image issues for a good portion of my life, this week is one that I hold near & dear to my heart. Being over 17 years recovered, I believe that one of my purposes in life is spreading hope that recovery is possible! When I was struggling, there were very few accessible resources for recovery. With the internet in everyone's home (as well as most everyone's pocket or purse!), there is so much more hope & help easily accessible now. There are also many organizations devoted to awareness, early detection, prevention, and recovery. Today I am grateful for the following recovery, body image, & ED-related organizations and websites...
  1. NEDA
  2. Freedom from Eating Disorders
  3. Finding Balance
  4. To Write Love On Her Arms
  5. Project Inspired
  6. Someday Melissa
  7. Operation Beautiful
  8. Freedom to...
  9. Proud2Bme
  10. Eating Disorder Hope
  11. End Fat Talk
  12. Academy for Eating Disorders
  13. ANAD
  14. The Joy Project
  15. Eating Disorders Coalition
  16. Healthy Place Eating Disorders Community
  17. The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty
  18. Olive Branch Outreach
  19. Something Fishy
  20. MentorCONNECT
  21. The Elisa Project
  22. Weighing the Facts
  23. Caring Online
  24. Voice in Recovery
  25. My Broken Place

By way of disclaimer: I don't agree with every single thing on each of the websites, but I agree with most of what I have seen through the years. Overall, they are promoting health & hope. And I am thankful that there are so many people out there supporting recovery & freedom! ღ



RR Mama said…
You are so strong!!
Brooke said…
i'm thankful that you are such a wonderful example for other women who've struggled
Jen Price said…
I never knew there was a national eating disorder association. How great because I know there are so many girls suffering from this.
What a gift you are to spread that hope that recovery is possible Amy! So many great resources!
phen375 said…
i really like your blog this blog is so amazing thanks for sharing.

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