(by Jill Phillips) Thankful - God and Money

Thankful by Jill Phillips on Grooveshark

If you didn't play the song, you really should. I hadn't heard it before this little series, but I discovered it at some point along the way. She says some good stuff in there! Anyways, today I am thankful for...
  1. Yarn shops with some yarn that feels amazing
  2. Running into a girl from high school at a local yarn shop :)
  3. A box of chocolates in which I actually like every piece {Thank you, Chris & Hershey's, for a box without orange &/or other nasty flavored cream-filled chocolates!}
  4. Neighbors that I can borrow & lend things like sugar and coffee :)
  5. A close parking spot when I'm running late for an appointment
  6. Nice people who hold the elevator doors for me
  7. Mixed nuts
  8. A super low gas bill
  9. A super low electric bill
  10. A coffee/tea date with my friend Angels
  11. Samantha spotting me at Kroger just after I had missed her important call {is it OK that I put something I'm thankful for that didn't benefit me at all?!}
  12. A chance to try freezer cooking with some great ladies!
  13. NOT sailing away in a bit of extremely high water on the way to the church for said freezer cooking event
  14. Nice guards during our visit with my baby brother {some of them can be grouchy sometimes, but  we had the nice ones this weekend!}
  15. Not too personal of a shakedown this time {I tell ya, sometimes I feel violated. Seriously, where could I possibly hide anything in a bra that I buy in the little girl department?!}
  16. Dad staying for dinner {because he had three house showings in one day! Did I tell you he put his house on the market so he can move out this direction?!}
  17. Uncle Dan {who had a birthday on Saturday, along with 8 other people that I know ~ crazy, huh?!}
  18. Being welcomed into Wade & Amy's home group {when I had to leave mine early to pick Cody up from a birthday party & take him to Alex's ~ I was totally just going to drop him off, but they invited me to join them! :) Don't worry, Jana, I'm not defecting or anything!}
  19. Going to bed by 11:00 two nights in a row {baby steps, people...}
  20. A place for Cody to play on a day off of school {when I knew I'd be at a doctor appointment with Chris for at least half of the day}
  21. A friend to come over & hang out with Elly {when I knew Cody & I would both be gone}
  22. A good report from Christopher's ocular oncologist
  23. Getting to eliminate one doctor (the retina specialist) from our routine {for now, at least!}
  24. Finding the time to prepare my Bible study lessons {I had no idea how much time it would take, but I'm loving it!}
  25. The sound of Elly playing the guitar {she's still learning, but it sounds really good right now!}

I'd love to know what's on your list today!



I do not like cream filled chocolates either... I like the nuts ones! :) I'm sure you are so excited to have your dad move your direction!! Yay! A good report from Christopher's ocular oncologist is wonderful news Amy. So happy!
Brooke said…
i'm definitely jealous of that electric bill!!
Jen Price said…
I don't like orange and chocolate together either! I guess the one good thing about a crazy winter is low utility bills. :)

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