"I Hope You Dance"

(by Lee Ann Womack) I Hope You Dance - I Hope You Dance

I am officially the mother of a teenager! My baby girl was born 13 years ago today, and these have seriously been the best 13 years of my life! I am so incredibly proud to be her mom! Today's list contains many of the reasons why I love my sweet Elly. I am thankful that she...
  1. Encourages others
  2. Is a great student
  3. Makes me origami hearts
  4. Laughs a lot
  5. Has deep conversations
  6. Loves her dad
  7. Is a thinker
  8. Still gives goodnight kisses
  9. Shares clothes with me
  10. Is kind
  11. Makes me laugh
  12. Loves to make people smile
  13. Is a talented artist
  14. Likes her freckles
  15. Is a brilliant writer
  16. Has the cutest giggle
  17. Still enjoys shopping with her mom
  18. Is confident
  19. Loves to read
  20. Has a beautiful smile
  21. Isn't high maintenance
  22. Cares about her brother
  23. Is loved by her teachers
  24. Sends the best emails
  25. Is becoming an incredible young woman {I love her!}

Is there someone you're thankful for today?



How sweet! Happy Birthday to Elly! What a special young lady you have there! Love that song too. :)
Amanda said…
Oh my goodness!!!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!

Can't believe it!! Time really does fly.
Zion said…
Your kids are amazing. I agree that motherhood so far has definitely been the best years of my life so I can relate :) Happy birthday to a fabulous, awesome, beautiful girl (or should I say young woman).

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