(by Louis Landon) Thankful - Solo Piano for Peace

I have no good excuse for not posting yesterday. I was just tired! I went on a scrapbook retreat & got way more sleep than usual, but I still came back exhausted. I am continuing my list of gifts today ~ my list of things I am thankful for...
  1. New music recommendations
  2. Meeting up with my beautiful "little sis" from high school
  3. A surprise visit with her brother {who has been serving overseas, so I hadn't seen him in 7 years!}
  4. A sweet "thinking of you" text from a girlfriend ♥
  5. A scrapbook weekend with some of my favorite friends
  6. My mister taking care of the kids while I went
  7. Awesome food made by my favorite friend's mom & dad
  8. Coffee that her dad picks up because he knows I like it!
  9. Visiting Grannymom's garden
  10. Hanging out with Jana's sister
  11. Girl time all weekend long
  12. Laughter in the wee hours of the morning
  13. Getting scrapbooking ideas from my friends
  14. Friends who share their scrapbook tools :)
  15. Completing a lot of pages
  16. Getting caught up in the family album
  17. Eating dinner on the patio {in the beautiful back yard I showed you this summer!}
  18. Listening to all kinds of random music with my friends
  19. Watching funny youtube videos while scrapbooking
  20. Actually getting some sleep on a retreat {even though I didn't get as many pages done as usual!}
  21. Hosting National Night Out with Ryan & Kristi tonight
  22. My little brother {who is doing his part to keep Austin weird & has a birthday this week!}
  23. My baby brother {who has a birthday on the same day!}
  24. Cool enough weather for this Texas girl to wear a sweater {for part of the day, at least!}
  25. Quiet time on my back patio

What are you thankful for today?



Brooke said…
cool weather is great isn't it? at least for the first few weeks of it :)

personally i think being tired is a great reason not to blog!! :P
A scrapbook retreat sounds like so much fun! A 'thinking of you" message... how sweet. Yay for girl time! Happy Birthday to your brothers! Sweater wearing weather sounds wonderful. It was 90 hear today. Crazy! lol

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