(by Hawk Nelson) Shaken - Healing 4 Haiti

I'm sure you remember the post where I talked about ordering my fashionABLE scarf & the post where I got it! Well, I have good news!!

TODAY from 10:00am til 1:00pm (CST), all scarves are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!! This applies to all scarves, including the three new styles they added today! The promotion applies to up to 8 scarves total. These make a great gift, PLUS you're helping to create sustainable business for women in Africa! How awesome is that?!

So head over there ASAP! In the shopping bag, click "add coupon" and enter "GETONEFREE". Once they're gone, they're gone.



Zion said…
Grrrr, I just missed it. Well, but a few hours. Oh well, it's still a great purchase even if you don't get one free :)

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