"There You Are"

(by Lovelite) There You Are - All Color

"Tie me to You so I cannot leave
Distance from You makes me dry and weak
Come fill me up and change what I do
All I want now is to mirror You

And if ever I am faithless
I can’t escape Your greatness
From the brightest of places
To the infinite spaces
There You are, there You are

My gentle frame wants to be set free
Strength from the source will outlast all need
That which is lost mercy will renew
All You have saved longs to honor You


You have been there before time began
Crying mercy for the broken man...


I haven't posted lyrics to a song in awhile, but these are just too good & true not to post. Becky at The Word of God and a Cup of Joe asked what music is speaking to our hearts lately. In addition to Needtobreathe (who she blogged about!), Lovelite songs are really meaningful to me these days. Aren't the words to thing song so honest? I love it.
"Tie me to You so I cannot leave"

Why do I choose to distance myself from God sometimes?

Especially when it leaves me "dry and weak".

I know I posted the lyrics ~ but in case you didn't read them, you really should! The chorus starts out:

"And if ever I am faithless
I can’t escape Your greatness"

He is here, waiting for me to meet with Him.

Sometimes I get in ruts where I read His Word, but I don't actually meet with Him. What a shame, huh? Am I the only one who does this?

I love the promise in the 2nd verse:
"That which is lost mercy will renew"

I know that you totally know this verse, but Lam 3:23 says, "Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day." (NLT) Isn't that awesome?! There's so much more that I could point out in this song, but I'll let you linger on it if you have the time. The album that includes this song (All Color) is available for free download at Come&Live!. (You have to actually click on their album. I couldn't get a direct link). You should totally check it out!



Cole Franke said…
I love this song. Was listening to it yesterday. I love that verse tie me to you so that I cannot leave.
Brooke said…
i'm not sure why we're like that. i suppose we just take for granted the grace and mercy he's given us.
Zion said…
I have heard such great things about come and live. I will have to check it out.

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