"Psalm 18"

(by Waterdeep) Psalm

I'm playing along with Cole's Weekly Recap for the first time today! I haven't done it before, because I tend to recap my week on Saturdays. But I love her format, so I decided to join in...

In one word or phrase ~ pressed down, but not destroyed

I'm dreaming of you ~ new living room furniture

Song on repeat ~ Sorry, you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for that one!

Gotta write it down ~ Savor the interruptions - Karen Kingsbury (regarding the little interruptions we call "children" & their constant requests for assistance, etc. when we're on the phone & such. Savor them, because before long the kids will be out of the house, & we'll wish they were here to interrupt us!)

Lesson learned ~ in my weakness, Jesus is strong

Picture to frame ~ my girl whispering to her mom on Christmas Eve

Highlight of the week ~ I got some super happy news from two of my friends!

Weekend to do list ~ Tonight we're going to see Despicable Me with our friends, doing a little something special with the family for Cody's 1/2 birthday tomorrow, & we're hoping to have some new friends over for lunch on Sunday!



Cole Franke said…
I love that Karen Kingsbury quote. So true! We forget they are our first ministry. Thanks for playing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Brooke said…
enjoy your weekend! :)

it was eye opening to me when i realized that God wasn't able to work DESPITE my weaknesses but BECAUSE and through my weakness. as long as its a strength i can always take the credit for my own.
Zion said…
I love that picture! I think it's great that you guys do half birthdays. It's so cool, but remember me making a big deal about my kids being EXACTLY 2 and a 1/2 years apart. Yeah, I just realized we won't be doing any half birthdays around here ;)

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