"Hello Sunshine"

(by Barlow Girl)

Hello Sunshine (Album) by BarlowGirl on Grooveshark

I'm really loving today's song, & I'm surprised it hasn't ended up on here before. I think it's quite appropriate since we've finally seen the sun around here the past couple of days! It's also very fitting for my life right now, spiritually speaking. As you know, I've been in somewhat of a funk this week, and these words really hit home with me:

And how much have I missed
'Cause I've been focused on everything wrong?
This road just felt so long
I forgot to lift my head to see You

I really am feeling better about things now, & I appreciate your prayers more than you know! The situation is still the same, but I have a better perspective. There really is nothing I can do but pray, & that's what I'll do! So this is the deal: my dad has to have a kidney removed because of stupid cancer. His surgery is scheduled for next month. By removing the kidney, he shouldn't have to go through chemo. I think his prognosis is good, I just hate that someone else that I love is having to deal with cancer, & it stirs up the fears that I already battle. Then there's my step-sister Tiffany who found out she has breast cancer. She's a fighter, and she's ready to kick some butt! If you'd like to check out her blog & leave an encouraging word, that would be awesome!

In honor of Codeman's 1/2 birthday, here's a picture of him doing the Robot at a wedding 5 years ago:

{Thanks for the pic, Freddy!}



Anonymous said…
i'm praying for your family, amy, and for you! God is so faithful and full of love for ya'll, and everything is filtered through His loving hands.
Brooke said…
one of the nurses on friday was wearing a button that says "cancer sucks". and it does but glad that yourfamily has a good game plan laid out to kick its butt!!

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