"Deep Ocean"

(by Lovelite) Deep

This week I...

Babysat these cute kids:

Got this sweet note from one of the bosses' daughters:

Gave Cody "b-bangs"*:

Attended a family-style VBS-type thing at church:

Drove thru this awesome coffee place with my girl:

Paid off a credit card (10% of our debt)!

Saw this billboard with some BIG Texas hair:

Went to the beach:

{My mister loves up-the-nose shots! j/k ~> more actual beach pics to come!}

Waited over 20 minutes for this mocha:

{Notice the time? I went inside at about 10:45}

And for today's song, it has nothing to do with the fact that we went to the beach yesterday! We certainly didn't go very deep into the ocean! I recently discovered Lovelite (maybe from Cole?), & I'm liking them a bunch!

*If you've never heard of b-bangs, here's a clip from Sonny With a Chance:



Zion said…
No I had not heard of B-bangs so I'm glad you showed that clip. Awesome billboard of big hair!!! Looks like a fun week.
Brooke said…
congrats on getting the card paid off!! :) woot woot!!!

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