"9 to 5"

(by Dolly Parton) 9>

I'd like some tips from those of you who hold down a job & still manage to keep your house in order!! I've been very blessed to be able to work a couple of days a week lately, but I've come to find that it's really hard to balance things! I don't mean to come across as some spoiled housewife or something, but I really don't know how to work even a very part-time job & still manage to go to the grocery store, do the laundry, clean the house & have clean dishes for dinner. I still have several days a week that I'm not working, but I just want to hang out with my kids & do stuff with friends ~ not have to run errands & do housework! Before kids, I used to do it all, including a 40-hour work week. But since kids, I just can't seem to juggle it all.

For the record: the lyrics of today's song are not at all how I feel, it just seemed like a fun song to post. I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring in some extra cash! Throughout my years as a mom, God has literally dropped jobs in my lap numerous times. They have usually been fairly temporary & have always come at times when we needed some extra money. Currently, we are viciously attacking our debt, so I am ecstatic about the chance to pay a chunk of it off this month! Plus, it's actually somewhat fulfilling to use my mad typing skills to earn some moolah! It's just the whole balancing act that I haven't quite figured out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do it all? Do I just need more discipline or what?



Brooke said…
of course i'm not a mom, but i work 40 hours a week and do EVERYTHING in the house. the mutant's only two chores are taking the trash to the dump (i take it outside to our jumbo can) and mowing the grass.

i either do it all on saturday (if he's working, makes it easier) or else i split it up in little incriments and do it throughout the week. dust & clean baths today, sweep & vacuum tomorrow. grocery shopping is always an after work job.

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