"Sometimes You Can Forget Who You Are"

(by FM Static) FM Static - Dear Diary - Sometimes You Can Forget Who You Are

Once again, I am a day late with my Saturday post. I hope to make up for that with a little thing I'd like to call Spring Break in pictures {& a few words}...

I sang with my dad at my childhood church

Pepper turned 3!

As mentioned previously, the kids & I went to Space Center Houston

We found a forever home for Dexter (who is now called Bently)

Elly & I batiked eggs

We entertained house guests for a few days

I donned my winter boots {for the first day of Spring?!}

We also hung out with my friend Amy & her son Alex one day, saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid another day, & I won't dare to mention all of the calories consumed {but feel free to ask me if I've attempted to burn any of them this week!}

As for the song, there's no particular reason that it was listened to the most, except for the fact that I love the entire album & hadn't listened to it in awhile! I love the honesty in this song. I love that he's getting away from who he used to be & closer to who God wants him to be. My favorite line is, "I'd like to make some sort of mark, so that the world knows I was here."



Zion said…
Love the eggs!
Brooke said…
lol - i did something similar. rocked footless tights for the first day of spring. hey they were on sale and i didn't want to have to wait until next year!

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