"Winter Wonderland"

(by The 77's)

Oh my goodness! It snowed for real in the Houston area! I seriously can't believe it! The first bit of "wintery mix" hit my windshield right after I dropped the kids off at school this morning. After Junior Achievement, I ran to the store & to pick up the kids' movie for tonight (so I wouldn't have to drive in the craziness later!), & what do you know?!...REAL snow came blowing in like crazy!!

I was glad it was still snowing when the kids got home from school!

They were ready to play with the neighbors, but I kept making them pose for pictures!

My neighbor took this shot of me with my girl! :)

Gotcha! Yay for snowball fights! :)

We came inside to warm up a bit ~ I had hot cocoa in the crock pot & cookies fresh from the oven for them!

Back outside for some more snow fun! Pepper couldn't figure out what that frozen white ball was!

Pepper doesn't like the snow!

What a priss! She kept tip-toeing around in the sludge!

Safe & warm in Daddy's arms!

Couldn't miss a photo op with my mister ♥


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