"Family Christmas Song"

(by Busch-Weaver)

This song was part of my friend's Christmas card several years ago, & I thought it was good for my Christmas post. We'll be visiting with a lot of family over the next few days, as I'm sure everyone is doing this time of year! The kids are contentedly playing with their presents, and I have a few hours before we head out. So, I thought I'd post some pictures!

We always open a gift on Christmas Eve, & I promise it isn't pj's every year! (Last year, I think they got books). But Elly seemed to expect them, so that's what they got! Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve:

(how cute is that puppy ~ just staring sadly at the curly ribbon after I told her she wasn't allowed to play with it!)

Here's a pic of them in their pj's this morning:

The kids let us sleep until 8:00, then we made breakfast. We have a Christmas morning tradition of sausage kolaches & mini cinnamon rolls made by Elizabeth (with a little help from me). We got to enjoy it on our new table (mine & Christopher's gift to each other)!

The kids always buy us a few things, as well as gifts for each other. They usually put a lot of thought into what they get, & I love to see what they decide! Elly got Cody a Wii game, & Cody got Elly a DS game.

It turns out that they got me everything on my list [that they made me write]: a case for my phone, a brushed nickel soap pump, bubble bath, chocolate & a notepad!

Apparently, there was a drinking theme for Chris this year! He got a travel coffee mug from both of the kids & another one from Elly (with her favorite Bible verse on it), & Cody got him a set of Beatles drinking glasses! [Cody insisted that Chris put his Beatles shirt back on this morning, before he opened presents!]

I tried to be selective with the pictures, but I decided to close with a few more!

May the peace of Christ be with you today & every day! Merry Christmas!


Amanda said…
Looks like y'all had a wonderful day! What a beautiful 1st Christmas in your new home!!!
Brooke said…
looks like yall had a great Christmas :)
Zion said…
Aw, I am so behind on any blogs that happened over the holidays and I meant to come over here sooner when I read on Facebook that you did a makeover. It looks great. I am so flattered that you used our song :)

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