"Second Guessing Games"

(by Colony House) 

So...I'm really far behind on this little blog o' mine (once again)! But as usual, it's because I've been a little busy. I'd like for you to know that I've started posts for a few different things that have kept me busy lately, and I intend on completing them over the next week or so. {I'm telling y'all this for accountability!} ;P

Until then, here's a recap of my last few weeks...

My cute kids dressed up (or down, actually) for Pajama Day at school one day!

Evie Kate had a sleepover at our house while Clyde & Nicole got away for a little babymoon!

We went to Costco...

...played outside...

...and simply enjoyed her cuteness!


Cody was a student leader for the preteen students' fall retreat, and he shared his testimony during one of the sessions. Kloé sent me a picture, which made me so happy!

Cody's cross country team went to Regionals, which is one of the posts that I've started...

We had Rollerween at the Warehouse, which is another post that I've started...

...I didn't manage to get pictures, but it's worth mentioning that Wade & Amy had us over for our Halloween tradition. It looked a little different this year, though. Alex was out of town for a band thing, so Cody took another offer and went to his friend Tyler's instead. Since he was going there, Elly hung out with her friend from elementary school. But Kim's family and one of Marcie's girl's were there, so each of our families had a representative or two! :)

...And Laurien & I went to see Colony House, which is yet another post that I've started!

All of the things I mentioned from Evie Kate's visit until this point happened over the course of 8 days or so, which [I hope] justifies why I haven't posted until now! And this week...

Elly & I shared a pizza and dessert in Houston the other day!

My sweet boy got braces {& is still pretty handsome, if I do say so myself!}

{Remind me to tell you about how my life feels like The Truman Show sometimes, OK?}

The kids went on their fall retreat this weekend, so Christopher and I went on a couple of dates. We ate at Pappadeaux for lunch today, went for coffee and floor shopping yesterday, and binge-watched some shows on Netflix. But I only managed to take a picture of us on our date Friday night when we tried out a local moving sushi bar -- so fun and delicious!!

I guess that's all for now! I hope y'all have a super great week!! ♥



Brooke said…
Hope you have a great week as well!!

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