"Make You Mine"

(by Us the Duo) 

I thought today's song was a good one for Valentine's Day weekend! ♥ We aren't big Valentine's Day celebrators, but we do have our random little Waffle House tradition! My little friends Clara Belle and Caleb had other plans, so they didn't come with us this year.

Aside from our little tradition and All Sons & Daughters, there were a few other fun things this week...

...Cody's school had a Science Night on Monday, so we went and saw/conducted a few experiments.

...Elly, Laurien, and I went to the mall and ate delicious pizza at CPK for lunch yesterday!

...Today after church, we had lunch with Jeremiah, Jessica, and their family! It has been way too long since we've seen them, so I was so glad to have a chance to catch up with them! ♥

...And Cody put his first four points on the board at his basketball game yesterday, so that was pretty super! I managed to get his first one on video, though...

{His second basket was prettier, but I only thought I was recording it...ugh!}

I hope y'all have a super great week! And if you did anything special for Valentine's Day, I'd love to hear about it! ♥



Zion said…
I didn't know Cody was paling basketball. That's awesome.

RYC, I am glad to see that you read Andrea and Mike's love story. That one made me think of you and Butch and how you showed your mother in law your dress in the hospital :( I saw your tribute to her the other day. So beautiful.
Brooke said…
ooh - now i want to make a valentine's tradition!!
we stayed in - i wasn't feeling well and we'd just gone out the night before for winter jam

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