"Half of My Life"

(by Sliem)

I have officially reached the point where I've been with Christopher longer than I've been without him! He reached this point last year (on February 22), but I'm almost a year older so it took me almost a year longer to get here! Not to be Gloomy Gus or anything, but when I put this particular item on my list, I really didn't think we'd get here (because of stupid cancer). So this is pretty exciting!!

Because posts are better with pictures, here's one of our first selfies:


I figure that Natalie is pretty close to this point {in the next year or so, huh? I know that you've known him for over half of your life!} What about the rest of you married folks? When will you reach the point that you've been with your spouse longer than without them? Or am I the only weirdo who has calculated the date?! ;)



Zion said…
Whoa! Goodness, Chris REALLY looks like a baby in this pic. True, I have known Jeremy half my life, but we are about to reach 15 years as a couple and I am 32, so I have two more years before that next milestone? I make a big deal about all of this stuff, so I think it's awesome that you acknowledged it and definitely AWESOME that your fears were not your reality. Praise the Lord for that!
Brooke said…
jay and i have been together 8 years, married 6. since we met at age 26, we've got a couple of decades before we reach this point!!

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