"Blank Space // Style" (Taylor Swift Mash-Up)

(by Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson)

My world has been a bit crazy since I last caught you up on things, but mostly crazy in a good way! There was/is a lot going on at church/work right now...new children's building, new Sunday morning Bible studies, and new midweek studies, all on or within a few days of my departure for India! Though I didn't have anything to do with the children's building, there was a lot of activity going on around me while trying to prep for everything! I'm not complaining, just explaining a bit of the crazy! And up until Tuesday afternoon, I still didn't have all of my days covered while I'm out. I rely on volunteers for this, and there were only a couple of my usual team who were willing/able to help out. I was starting to stress out about that a little. Then Wade suggested someone to call, and she covered all three of my remaining days!! She's my new favorite, and I haven't even met her! ;)

In addition to the crazy, over the past ten days or so...

I got to ride a horse Great Dane!

{he totally squeezed himself into that position so I would scratch his neck!} ΓΌ

I got to hang with this girl:

{this was an accidental selfie/usie that happened when we were trying to take a picture of yogurt for Clyde (random, I know...), & I love it!}

My 2nd favorite baseball player of all time was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame!

(photo credit: David J. Phillip, AP)

...I played a little broom ball with the students:

The sweetest boy in all the world turned 14 on Saturday!!

We got to celebrate Evie Kate's birthday on Saturday as well! :)

Our children's building opened yesterday! It was a yucky, rainy day, so I didn't get a picture, but I got a somewhat recent one from facebook:

And I also snagged the following picture from facebook that was taken at the Open House:

I'm so happy for these girls and all of the children they will share the gospel with in our new building!

My India team gathered for one last meeting at an India restaurant last night, and we were prayed over at church in the morning. We girls wore our saris, but I only managed to get a picture with Kristin. {no worries, there will be plenty of pictures later of us actually in India!}

And, I leave for India in two days, 8 hours, 12 minutes, and counting!! I'm not sure that I'll have a chance to schedule any posts while I'm gone, so this may be it for awhile. I hope y'all have a great couple of weeks! Please keep our team in your prayers...that we will have strength and safe travels, that we will encourage the believers, and that God will be glorified. Oh, and that my heart doesn't completely break into 51 pieces when we leave! ♥



Zion said…
Well, you managed to crank out 3 blog posts in the meantime so that's pretty impressive. Have a save and blessed trip.
Brooke said…
{{{{hugs}}}}} praying for you friend!!!

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