As I've already mentioned, I got to see NEEDTOBREATHE again last Friday night! As usual, they were amazing!! I always leave their concert with a new appreciation for them. There's something about seeing them live that brings a new appreciation for at least one of their songs as well (eg. "Valley of Tomorrow" from the first time I saw them live). "Wasteland" is that song for me this time around. It's just so good!

These are the lovely ladies who rode to the concert with me:

We met up with six or eight other friends for dinner beforehand, and we saw another dozen or more friends at the concert! A lot of my friends like NEEDTOBREATHE! :) Sadly, I really didn't get good pictures this time. I had my regular camera, but something was wonky with my settings. I discovered the issue after the fact but was unable to get them right that night. Between my camera and phone, these are the best I was able to get...

Pictures aren't the same as actually hearing them, anyways...so I hope the following video clip makes up (at least a little bit) for the lack of quality photos!



Brooke said…
very cool!!
still praying for you friend <3
Zion said…
They are still cool pictures and it's exciting that they "liked" your instagram status.

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