"It's Time"

(by Imagine Dragons) 

I have no idea what I've been listening to lately. I don't really have a way to Scrobble what I'm listening to anymore. I've been using Google Play at work & on my phone. And in the van, I have one hundred-something of my favorite songs on a thumb drive. Obviously, that can't Scrobble. So I looked at the songs that last.fm says I've listened to over the past month, and today's song was one of the top. I like it, so I figured we'd go with it! Plus it's a new year. And this song is about making changes while staying true to who you are. So consider this a handy little tip from Auntie Amy (with a little help from Imagine Dragons): go ahead and make some changes, but stay true to who you are and (more importantly) who God says you are.

And I'll work on a new title for my weekend posts.

Anyways, this has been a nice week! Sadly, I don't have any pictures to show y'all. I know that posts are way more fun with pics, so I'm sorry about that. Anyways, this week...

...Elly went to her friend Olivia's one night, so we invited Alex to spend the night with Cody. They hadn't had a chance to hang out over the break, so that was great!

...We went over to my friend Sam's house for New Year's Eve! We ate a lot of food and played games with her family, my neighbors, & a few other friends from church. The kids set off a few fireworks, too! There was a minor situation with my friend Christen and some sparklers, but nobody got hurt!

...Because my life is so exciting, I ran errands on New Year's Day! ;) I also went to Nichole's house for coffee in the afternoon, and I spent around two hours telling her about India!

...Cody went to Alex's house one night, and Elly treated her dad & me to a movie! {We finally saw Frozen!}

...Mallory came over last night! We were going to have coffee and knit/crochet, but we didn't drink anything or take out our needles or yarn, and I spent around two hours telling her about India! {Are you sensing a theme here? I promise both of them asked about India and said that they wanted to hear everything!}

...Baby girl & I went shopping today! She had some Christmas gift cards, so I took her to spend some of them!

...We also stopped by World Market, where they were having a sale on tea. I like a few different types of tea from England (mainly Typhoo, PG Tips, and Yorkshire), but they're usually around $7 for 80 bags. When we had a layover in England on the way home, I had planned on stocking up but ran out of time. The situation was redeemed today, though! They had a different box of Typhoo that was $5 for 120 bags, plus it was 50% off. Yay for me! I got six boxes (the limit), and it only cost $15 for 720 bags! Normally that would've cost $63, y'all! Pretty good, huh?

Alright...because I love y'all, I couldn't post this without a picture. I'm sacrificing a bit of my dignity by showing y'all myself without a speck of makeup and making weird faces. Oh ya, and with horrible hair that hadn't been brushed in days. [long story] This is a series of selfies {is it considered a selfie if there are two people?} that Kristin & I took on the first of several flights home from India. I hope this little G+ Auto Awesome pic makes up for the lack of pictures in the rest of the post! ü

You're welcome.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! ♥



Brooke said…
bhahahaha! love it!!! :)

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