"Happy If You Could (DEMO)"


Yes, I'm posting another one of the videos I mentioned last week. Did I tell you that they posted 70+ videos in the last month? No, I don't intend on posting all of them. It's tempting, though. That'd give me Saturday songs to post for the next year & a half... ΓΌ

I appreciate your prayers over the past week. We don't have a resolution yet, but the MA at the oncologist's office said that she would ask Dr L to do a peer-to-peer review with the insurance company. We're waiting to see if that happened (or is going to happen) and if his recommendation is what we hope it is. Chris is scheduled for a CT of his chest on Tuesday, but we'll cancel that if he isn't able to get the abdomen and pelvis as well. I'll keep y'all posted and appreciate continued prayers regarding this!

As for my week, I...

...took Jana's kids to a playdate at Kristi's, where we got to spend some time with Heather (our missionary friend)!

...got to meet Clyde & Nicole's beautiful baby girl! ♥

...went to Ladies' Night Out (with women from my church) and got a bowl of soup that was big enough to feed a family! {OK, maybe not an entire family, but it was huge! Fortunately, Laurien hadn't ordered yet, so she shared it with me!}

...took selfies with Sara on Char's phone & made one of them her wallpaper! :)

...shared crepes with Nicole, Sara, & Julie after LNO

...was off work on Friday, so I got a haircut, had lunch with Kim, and did a little FaceTiming with Sally  in England :)

...played laster tag and broom ball with my favorite students

...saw a high school play (The Wizard of Oz) with my baby girl and ran into around 20 people from church! One of our students was Master Carpenter, and another one was a flying monkey. They did a great job!

...received three unexpected items today at church: Costa Rican coffee from Heather {yum!}, a super cute owl mug from Magaly {just 'cuz she thought I'd like it}, & a half-eaten chocolate bar from the Ukraine {it was given to me by teenage boys, in case you needed an explanation about the half-eaten part!}

...enjoyed catching up with my Community Group family!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! ♥



Zion said…
Sounds like a good week! Praying for Chris and by the way, I think of you guys often as we transition into the next stage. It reminds me a lot of Chris going from full time ministry to graphic design. A lot in common there. On my blog I started going into how you can still be in ministry even if it's not on the platform, but I deleted it and stuck with the basics ;)
Brooke said…
i know i'm a few days late commenting, but still praying for you guys

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