"Talking in Your Sleep"

(by The Romantics)

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A friend of mine mentioned that his wife talks in her sleep, and it reminded me of a little story I'd like to share in a:

Mistopher Christopher talks in his sleep every once in awhile. It usually doesn't make sense, but I try to figure out what he's talking about anyways. Sometimes he'll say stuff that has something to do with what's going on in his life, like the time he told me to meet him at 635 & Preston (where he had recently helped a friend with a project). And sometimes he just mumbles, and I can't decipher a single word.

Then there was the time that I heard him clear as a bell, and he was saying something about a connection with Michelle...!

I wasn't sure with Michelle, so I asked if it was Michelle A (a friend) or Michelle B (a co-worker). I'm not sure why it mattered, but I wanted to know! He said that he was talking about Michelle B. I really couldn't see him feeling "a connection" with her, but I was curious about what was going on in his dream! I wasn't bothered by it, because I've had dreams about random people who don't mean anything to me. And I've had even crazier dreams about people who do mean something to me, but they were doing evil things like trying to kill me!

Anyways, I asked a few more questions so I could figure out what was going on. It's not always easy to get an answer from someone who's sleeping, so I got a lot of mumbling. But I eventually discovered that his dream was taking place at work, and he was talking about a computer connection! ΓΌ

Do any of your friends or family members talk in their sleep? Have you ever managed to have a conversation with them while they've been talking? Did you find out any secrets?! ;) I'd love to hear your story!



Zion said…
Oh my goodness, yes. I could totally see myself doing that! My dad told me that I said "steer, steer, steer" in my sleep, but that was back in High School. Jeremy talks a little, about the same as Chris.
Brooke said…
I do this with jay - so much fun!!!
Eden talks in her sleep and the other night she coughed, sat up and said, "I'm ok, it's just a small hair ball." She was still asleep but I asked, "A hairball?!?!?" She said, "yes, just a hairball," laid back down and continued to sleep. I was laughing so hard I barely made it out of her room!!!! ~heather

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